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Our Vision

Unique experience training inside the Olympic Stadium
 98% of all customers achieve their results (measurable by periodic InBody Scans)
Best Gym in Amsterdam in 2015 (grade: 9/10)
 Graded a 4.6 outof 5 after 78  Facebook-reviews
In-house healthy brasserie: Zus&Zo
 Free daycare included in membership for all parents
In-house beautician: Skinmetics
In-house hairdresser: Velanti
In-house dental hygiënist: Oral-vision
In-house Under Armour Shop (with 20% discount for members)

Training at Medico Vision in the Olympic Stadium


Our options


All our memberships include the following services


Training isn’t simply moving but structurized, planned and specificly  working on your goals. Our trainers are there to help you. There is always a trainer available to correct, inform, motivate and stimulate. Do you want to step it up? You can also get to work with a Personal Trainer, who will give you personalized workouts.

Group lessons

Medico Vision offers a extensive group lessons program. You’ll train under supervision of the best instructors who offer you more than 80 hours of group lessons each week. Each lesson is different and the difficulty differs for every fit level. We also offer abdominal 15 minutes and kettlebell sessions in the fitness main hall.


Medico Vision offers an extensive nutrition program. If you want to achieve real results and become healthier in the progress you’ll have to adjust your nutrition. To be able to give a  good nutritional advice an extensive analysis of your personal situation is neccesary. At Medico Vision we’ll do an extesive intake, questionaire and a nutrition diary to get the best insight in your nutritional habits.


Medico Vision offers free daycare for all members for during your workout. The daycare is opened every day, so ifn you have children, you can come to workout whenever you want! Medico Vision offers you daycare included in your membership fee, so you won’t have to pay any extra’s! Our daycare staff is experienced and/or are mothers themselves and have passion for their work. Our daycare has just been renewed with the newest toys from Kidkraft!


J&C Sportrevalidation  in the Olympic Stadium is “the place”  to come to with any sportrelated and other injuries. Sportphysiotherapy is a spezialisation within the physiotherapy, during your treatment we will give alot of attention to your natural tissue recovery, so that you may recover as quickly as possible and can continue training in a responsible manner.


Medico Vision has different facilities to it’s disposal. Because even if you have children, you can come in to do your workout at any time. Medico Vision includes a daycare in the membership. Next to working out intensively you can relax in the sauna or get your hair done at the hairdressers. After working outyou can rest a t our brasseie on the terrace of Zus&Zo in the Olympic Stadium. For sportsclothing you can come to the inhouse Under Armour store.

Dental hygienist

Welcome to Oral-Vision, dental wellness. At Oral-Vision we’re not only working on your health, we’re also working on a beautifull fresh, white smile. Try our packages: Olympic Bronze, -Silver and -Gold.

Sports massage

Medico Vision has 2 certified and experienced sports masseusses in-house. Each with their own specific qualities and experience. A sports massage can support achieving your goals, help avoid injuries and reduce certain physical complaints.


Skinmetics aims on the improvement of your skin and your physical condition. The integrated approach of facials, massage and a personal sportsprogram brings members of Medico Vision back to optimal condition.

Zus&Zo Brasserie

BWithin the walls of Medico Vision you’ll find the Brasserie Zus&Zo. Run by the sisters Kelly and Isabelle de Kip. You can relax here after a workout, enjoy fruity beverages and shakes, healthy sandwiches, healthy salads, soups and a weekly healthy menu.

Hair stylist

Simona Vanessa Linger is a professional top of the line hair stylist, color specialist, make-up artist, producer and artist in the hair stylist profession. Velanti is ‘the place to be’ for refreshing your style at Medico Vision.



Medico Vision feels like a home away from home for me in a trainingsperspective. It is a fitnessclub where I train in a comfortable, fun, inspiring and challenging location and enjoy working out and becoming fit. In my experience Medico Vision is a professional sportscentre where fun and training under professional supervision are important. I feel like a true athlete! Medico Vision has more than 90 hours of fun and challenging group lessons. I feel at easy during these lessons because they are challenging to athletes of every level.

- Kirsten d'Fonseca - 5 year member

‘The atmosphere , supervision, trainers, nutrition and equipment is the best there is! The location in the Olympic Stadium is very inspiring and there is room for athletes, topamateurs and recreational sporters. Since I started working out at Medico Vision I’ve become a lot fitter and stronger. I also enjoy working out a lot more than before! I believe it’s an relax atmosphere at Medico Vision and it’s definitely not a bodybuilders gym, so accessible for everybody. What you do realize is that it’s a gym where people really train and that there are a lot of sporters that are working out to improve in their sports. Because of this there’s an training atmosphere that is very motivating.’

- Igor Beuker -3 year member

‘I’ve been a VIP member for a while. When I moved to the neighbourhood twelve years ago I became a member. Medico is a relaxt gym with an even more relaxt atmosphere with great people. I have met a lot of friends here through the years. I usually workout in the fitnesshall, especially crossfit-exercises. In the beginning I had a workout schedule, now I follow my own program. For my warm-up I train outside on the stairs of the Olympic Stadium. A good leg and cardio exercise. After my work out on Saturdays I sit down on the terrace of Zus&Zo and enjoy a good coffee or salad. That makes for a great day at Medico Vision.’


- Dirk-Jan de boer - 12 year member


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