Medico Vision in Amsterdam-Zuid: get fitter than every in the Olympic Stadium!

Are you looking for a place where you feel at home, where you get the best guidance and personal attention and where you achieve your goals? Than Medico Vision in Amsterdam-Zuid is the gym for you! 

Temporary offer especially for women: the Perfect Body Programme! 


Why does Amsterdam-Zuid choose Medico Vision? 

Many have preceded you before. At Medico Vision everyone achieves his or her goal, whatever that goal may be always. Medico Vision stands from the other gyms in Amsterdam-Zuid because: 

✓ Personal guidance and coaching, 100% tailored to you
✓ A diversity of group lessons, accessible for any fitness level 
✓ The Olympic Stadium as your gym! 

Get to know fitness at Medico Vision in the Olympic Stadium

Ask for a Free Tryout Week Fitness through the online form below. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible to invite you for a free personal tour and intake of the gym. 

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Gym Medico Vision in Amsterdam-Zuid is the place for persoonlijke begeleiding, groepsfitness and uitgebreide voedingsprogramma's. At Medico Vision you're insured of the best guidance, coaching and personal attention that is neccesary to let you achieve your goals. All new members start with a Gratis Proefweek Fitness.


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