Moreno Jourdain

My name is Moreno Jourdain, I’m 19 years old come from Naarden originally, but I’m living on my own in Amsterdam at the moment. I’m doing the Sport and Coaching education at the Johan Cruyff College where I’m focusing myself on the fitness and personal training specialisation. I’m doing my education at the Cruyff College because I’m also playing basketball on a professional level and this way I can still do that whilst following an education.

I’ve been playing basketball at the “eredivisie” level in the youth category for over six years. Before this, I went to high school in Utrecht. Here I could train 5 days a week for 3 hours a day. Before school, I would do 1 hour of training, usually fitness to make my body stronger and in the hall Plyometrics training to get more explosive in strength and speed.The training accommodation was against the school so, after my workout, I had to be at school within 30 minutes to start my schoolday. After my schoolday, I would do another 2 hours of training to work on my technique and tactics. My days were always from seven in the morning to seven in the evening. The last few years however even to 21:00 in the evening because my trainings start later these days. And on the weekends I would have a match, that was all outside of my living place so I would use the train to go day in and day out.

I think fitness and sports are a perfect combination and I hope to train not only regular sporters but someday I would love to train top sporters and players. I would love to show clients that they cannot only just get stronger but to also show them how to move more fluently and more functional. Also, I would like to show them to recover optimally by the right nutrition and training. I’ve learned this all from my own experience with professional sports how important these things are for reaching your goals. I also hope to coach clients more on the mental level because that part can just give you that extra bit of push to really start achieving your goals. At the moment Im focussing my workouts on callisthenics. Bodyweight exercises, I love that you can also do that outside. These workouts not only make you very strong but also athletic, which is extremely important in my sport.

There’s also a programme on SBS6 that’s called Ninja Warrior, which is basically a very challenging obstacle course. I hope with my callisthenics to train for that, compete and of course hopefully win it!

Hope to see you soon at Medico Vision

Moreno Jourdain


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