February offer!

Will 2020 be your year? Kickstart your new years resolutions and get results within 10 weeks!

When you sign up in February with a year membership you’ll get a 10 week programme for free! The year membership is the best way to achieve your goals in 2020. 

What’s do I get with a membership? 

  Unlimited access to our gym and wellness facilities. 
  Train under personal guidance of our professional personal trainers. 

  Choose from 90+ group lessons: from Yoga to Bodypump, from Kickboxing to X-Fit and alot more. 
  Join one of our high-intensity-workouts (like HIIT and Tabata) or one of our bootcamps. 

What are the advantages of the Februari offer? 

When you sign up in Februari, you won’t pay the admin fee of 25 Euro’s! 
Receive a 10 week programme (worth 192 euro’s) under professional guidance of your personal trainer. 

Receive a nutrional advice (worth 25 euro)!

Receive 1 privat session and 2 tailored training schedules from your personal trainer to make a great start!

Every 10 weeks receive 3 coachings talks coachingsgesprekken with your personal coach. 
Receive a InBody scan (thorough Bodyscan worth 45 Euro’s) every 10 weeks to show your physical progress. 
✓  Including an online coaching program in the cloud. 

With which personal goals can I join?

Whether you’d like to gain muscle, loose bodyfat, feel more fit, become stronger or just want to train without injury, you’ll never find better guidance to achieve your goal. We tailor the personal guidance completely on your goal this way we’ll achieve your goal in 2020! 

100% results guarantee: no results means money back, that’s a promise!*

What are you waiting for?! Don’t start tommorrow, start today! Leave your details below. One of our sport advisers will contact you within 24 hrs to book a free tour of our gym.  

DAll of this in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam: One of the most unique, authentic and motivating places to workout in Amsterdam.

*When you follow the coachingprogramme as instructed. 

Use the offer while you still can:


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Special offer for members

When you're already a member and you make a friend of yours a member with the February offer, you will receive a month of free training!

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