Beau Obstacle Run

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My phone rings. I’m working on an event in Amsterdam, the network is busted and there’s complete chaos. For hours we try to comfort angry people who ask questions we don’t have any answers to. It is hot, the airco isn’t working and the customers are all in a rush: today is not my day.

When I see that my team is starting to get everything under control, I check my phone. It’s my mom. There are alot of things that I’ve learned in the last 24 years I’ve been prancing on this planet, and NOT clicking away your mom is an important one of them.

“Hi honey, I just wanted to let you know that we gather at 10:00 tommorrow morning at the gym.” For a minute, maybe because of the hectic around me, I have no clue what she’s talking about. After a silence that last just a little to long my mom ads: “The mudrun…. remember?”

Whipped by the quick whip of stupidity I hang up a couple of minutes later. A few months ago we promoted a event to let people join IAMFIT on The Strong Viking Run – Hills edition, a whopper of an obstacle course with hills, obstacles and especially ALOT of mud. Offcourse I signed up immediately as well, with the good intention to prepare myself well for it and workout alot. Friends, family and offcourse loyal readers of this blog know that cardio is not one of my strongest, neither loved sides, so I wanted to last without tearing any muscles and try to prepare for this run daily.

Now being that if my head wasn’t attached to my body I would forget it daily, I forgot about the run immediately after getting my ticket. The fact being that the summer, and with it the festival season, has started could have been a reason, but I was like really busy OKAY?

Anywho… I had exactly ZERO time to prepare myself, but I would’nt be me if I would’nt go for it for the full 100%. The next morning it was pretty busy when I arrived at the gym. A big group of the IAMFIT competitors was ready to go, and there were even a few “crazies” that were going for the full 19 kilometres.

Once in Spaarnwoude everybody’s getting exited about the run. All around us the early groups are allready getting over the obstacles, and the obstacles look, to say the least, daunting. After changing into our “viking” gear it’s our turn to start, and we gather around the stage. We’re first entertained by a short warming-up, with especially alot of “viking” shouting, and then at 12:20 finally the starting signal. “WE LEAVE NO VIKING BEHIND” is the rule of the game so everybody is helping eachother up (and sometimes by accident) DOWN as well.

After getting over the first obstacle, it’s time for the first bit of running. After about five jards I look at my colleague Birgit; Im done allready… Luckily the obstacles are placed in viewing distance so that you can see one after the other, and that’s just what I need to keep me going.

We climb ropes, wrestle through mud, get stuck in Barbed wire, carry tree trunks back and forth. How much fun that might seem, when I see the sign after 7 kilometres thatt my path separate from the few “Crazy” IAMFITTERS that do the 19 km version, I praise the lord that Im done. After about 20 minutes I finally succeed in getting all the mud cleaned from everywhere. Allthough experience teaches me that you’ll find mud at the weirdest places the next few days, however I choose to not consern myself about that! There something else on my mind: FOOD!

In one of my earlier blogs I once written about the bizarre offer of foods at fitnesscompetitions. Unfortunately it was exactly the same over here. Allthough it was more visited by “hobby”-sporters, I didn’t learn my lesson yet and delighted myself over this meal. My options were: A burger, a hotdog or a Pizza so ALOT of choice “sigh”.

An hour later, on Central station, I grab the train to Sealand. I just had enough time to go past the Salsa-shop: my saviors in distressed. With a gigantic burrito nestle myself in a seat, ready for all the goodness, when somebody in the traincoupe vomits.

Undisturbed I carry on with my burrito, enjoying visibly while I notice people getting suprised over the fact that Im so not caring. I shrug my shoulders and take another big bite, Vomit all you want, this burrito is all mine.

Beau van Boheemen


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