Skinmetics brings your skin and body back in optimal condition

Beauty salon Skinmetics lets your skin shine again. Mayon Nijhof is a professional beautician and personal trainer. Her total package of outer care and physical training brings your skin and body back in optimal condition. By a skinanalysis and your personal wishes, Mayon will make you a custom careplan to improve the condition of your skin. The treatments will aim at skinimprovement, anti-aging, acné, eczema, scars, pigmentation and relaxation. Next to your skin your body deserves optimal care as well. As a personal trainer Mayon helps your body finding the richt balance. Her sport programs aim for condition improvement, losing weight, recovering from sickness and revalidation.
Allow yourself to have a radiant skin and a healthy body, from inside and outside!

Beautician and personal trainer Mayon:
‘If you feel healthy, life is so much more fun!’

Mayon Nijhof (1983) is a beautician, skinspecialist and personal trainer. In January 2014 she started her own venture called Skinmetics in which she combines the care for inner and outer beauty. ‘Your body and mind work together and are constantly looking for balance. That why it’s important to move enough, take good care of your skin and choose for the right nutrition. Feeling good makes life so much more fun!’

‘When you feel good in your skin, you’re radiant!’

At a young age Mayon discovered the positive influence that exercises and taking good care of your body can have on your general health. She became a beautician and chose to do the CIOS with the specialisation movement. Enough movement has a positive effect on the outside as well as the inside of your body. If you feel great in your skin, then you just look radiant! It’s important to take great care of your skin and eat responsible. Influences from outside will have an effect on your body, but also what you eat and drink has an effect on your body. Mayon works together with nutritians that can provide you with personal nutritional advice.

Skin improvement and massage

Mayon offers customized packages for men and women alike. ‘Many skinconditions are being caused by a hormonal disbalance. In puberty as well as in the menopauze your skin can use an extra energyboost. The skintreatments of Skinmetics help with acné, pigmentation or age spots and anti-aging. Also a massage of face, head, shoulders and neck can help with a better circulation of blood through the skin.

Personal training at Medico Vision in the Olympic Stadium

Skinmetics is located in at Medico Vision the Olympic Stadium. ‘This location is ideal for cardio as well as power training and total body training. Mayon uses the professional Technogym Artisline equipment at Medico Vision and with good weather we’ll go outside on the tracks of the Olympic Stadium. The atmosphere is very relaxed and intimate that’s why all her clients feel right at home.’ Mayon can also help with psychological problems like a burn-out. The training takes care of the physical and mental aspect of these problems.

Skinmetics offers a custom-made treatment

Skinmetics aims at improving the skin and the physical condition. The integrated approach of the facials, massage and a personal sports program that brings the clients back in optimal condition. Of course it’s also possible to choose for a single beauty treatment, a personal training or a combination of both. At Skinemetics every combination is possible. The client books time, not a certain treatment.  We’ll finetune the offer to what you need and make a customized treatment plan. Together we’ll find the right balance.’

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