Cardio training Amsterdam

Get and stay in shape

Cardio training is an effective way to lose weight and work on your stamina and endurance. Medico Vision offers the following classes in this respect:


BodyCombat combines the motivation and enthusiasm of group lessons with the techniques and inspiration from eastern fighting sports, like karate, boxing and tai chi. Supported by music you’ll punch, kick and kata yourself a way through the group lesson and burn a lot of calories.


A unique stepping group lesson which clearly distinguishes itself from other stepping programs and which brings the original power of Stepping back. BodyStep consists of athletic movements choreographed on the best music. This workout makes short work of your fat mass and muscle toning which makes your body more toned and even healthier. Effective, varied and above all simple enough for everybody to join!

Click here for an impression of BodyStep at Medico Vision on YouTube.

Cross running

Crossrunning Nederland offers challenging intensive outdoor workouts where you’ll have to run, climb, crawl or jump across varied obstacles. Back to the Basics! Running is the base of this workout but is filled also with functional strength training and there is extra attention for conquering fear for the obstacles. A test of your physical and mental strength!

Step & Shape

A step training that besides strengthening the cardiovascular system also consist of strengthening exercises for the upper body.

Step Choreo

At the Step Choreo group lessons you’ll burn calories, improve your stamina and endurance, and tighten your butt and legs all while having fun!  “Step Choreo” uses choreography in the workout and is therefore not for beginners.

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