Wortel Appel pannenkoekjes

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This month another recipe from Vitalitycoach Gina. This month we have Carrot / Apple pancakes with cocos yoghurt on the menu. The most yoghurt doesn’t have any living probiotics anymore. For your intestines, it’s better to make yoghurt yourself.

Yoghurt recipe:

The most yoghurt doesn’t have any living probiotics anymore. For your intestines, it’s better to make yoghurt yourself. As a dot of cream on fresh fruit or to use in deserts and smoothies. It tastes fresh Sauer like yoghurt but is a bit more grainy in structure.

1 package of biological “santen” (200 grams) 100% cocos without any additions.

2 probiotic capsules (for example Orthiflor original from orthica)

Weckpot of  ¾ litre

Use a completely cleaned weck jar with a rubber ring that seals airtight. Before use clean the jar with hot water.


Remove the santen from the packaging, put them in a small pan and add 350 ml of boiling water. Leave for 15 minutes. The santen will have melted almost completely by then. Shake well with a whisk untill smooth. Leave to cool until it’s lukewarm.

Open the two capsules of probiotica and add to the lukewarm santen. Throw the empty capsules away. Stir through, move to the weckjar and leave this for 24 hours in a warm place in jouw home. Above 20 degrees is great, so if made in winter put it somewhere near the central heating. Shake occasionally but do not open the jar.

After the first 24 hours put the jar in the refrigerator for another 24 hours; that will stiffen the yoghurt. Be carefull when opening the jar, it could be presurized. You can keep this yoghurt for up to 5 days in the refridgerator.

Carrot/Apple pancakes


1 Large carrot (150 gr ong)

1 apple (130 gr ong)

180 gr buckwheat flower

3 teaspoons tartar baking powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon allspice

1/4 sea salt

3 free range eggs

80-100 ml cocos milk (or other vegetable milk)

Peel the large carrot and apple and cut into cubes. Put into blender or the food processor, after that mix the eggs/milk/cinnamon/baking powder/allspice/salt and last mix in the buckwheat powder until you have airy batter. After which you bake the pancakes in olive oil on small to medium heat about 2 to 3 minutes on each size about the size of a rice waffle. You’ll be able to make 12-14 pancakes. After baking put them on kitchen paper. Useful to bring with you, cold they’re very tasty as well. If you stack them you can make a small pie and strike them with the icecold cocos yoghurt. Enjoy!


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