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New at Medico Vision

Hi I am Marielle Cheung. I’ve been working out at Medico Vision for years, and for some of you I might be a familiar face. Since a couple of weeks you can come by on wednessday evenings for a acupuncture treatment in my office on the first floor. I give these treatments from my company called Dao of Wellness. Below I’ll tell you some more about how acupuncture works and which complaints can be treated with acupuncture.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Healthcare. In the Traditional Chinese Healthcare everything revolves around life energy. This life energy is called: qi.  This qi flows through the body past channels called meridians. When the energy flow gets obstructed this causes all sorts of physical and/or mental problems. By placing thin needles in specific points on the meridians, the qi starts flowing naturally again and the balance is recovered. This results in deminiscing or complete removal of the complaints.

How can these effects be explained from the Western Healthcare perspective?
Research shows that acupuncture causes endorfins to be created. Endorfine is a substance in your body that gets created when you work out, eat certain foods, when you’re in love, when you have a positive mindset and when you meditate. It doesnt only work as a natural painkiller, but it also can give you a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.

With which complaints can a acupuncture treatment help?
The most comon complaint for which acupuncture can help is pain. From RSI and ailments to head- and menstrationpains. Next to that it’s also effective in treating deprivation of sleep and can help you lose weight or quit smoking.

Is acupuncture deductable from our healthcare?
I am connected to the professional institute called Zhong. Treatments are thereby partially or entirely deductable if you have additional insurance. The own risk is not applicable in the additional insurance.

Did you get curious about the Dao of Wellness? Take a look on: www.daoofwellness.nl. Or make an appointment for a FREE consult* (15 min). You can do that by sending an e-mailo to: info@daoofwellness.nl or by making a phone-call to: 06-53149208. *This offer is only available until the first of september.

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