Kapsalon Velanti Amsterdam Zuid-Oost


Velanti is the inhouse hair stylist at Medico Vision. If you want to refresh your style: Velanti is the place to be!

Simona Vanessa Linger is born in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. As a young girl she was allready fascinated by her grandfather Herman Brinchi Velanti (1929-2003) who was known as a stylist and artist. He was the first person to tell Simona she had a pair of golden hands with which she should do something.

And she sure did!

Simona Vanessa Linger has become a professional top hairstylist, color specialist, make-up artist, producer and artist! Her talent and hard-working attitude has let her perform at many top fashion shows and she’s gotten experience behind the scenes of many big names in the fashion industry. After years of professional hair styling she could finally open her own studio at Medico Vision in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam.

and now…

Now Simona invites YOU to come by Velanti at Medico Vision in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam to REFRESH YOUR STYLE at VELANTI, Amsterdam’s best Hairstylist!

Contact Velanti now at:

+31 20 8208790 or go to www.velanti.nl or send an e-mail to: contact@velanti.nl 

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