Nutritional advice

Medico Vision offers a specialized nutrition program. If you really want to become healthier and want to achieve true results you have to look at your nutrition. Whether you want to lose weight, feel better, have more energy, or build up more muscle tissue, nutrition is the key. But what is healthy nutrition? What is nutritional value of what you eat every day? Which is the personal need your body has? Where do you begin? The human body is a complicated thing but solutions can be suprisingly simple.

Determining your begin situation
For a good nutrition advice an extensive analysis of your personal situation is of great importance. That’s why we at Medico Vision use an intake form, questionaires and a nutrition diary to get a complete insight in your personal nutrition needs. A blood analysis is optional but definately recommended. Together with  your nutrition coach you’ll make a plan towards healthier nutrition; nutrition that actually gives you energy, makes you fitter and get’s you to your optimal weight. Knowledge and effort needs to get into balance to achieve optimal results. Choose what  suits you on our menu.

Start with a nutrition advice
Based on your blood analysis and your nutrition diary we determine what your current situation is and what is necessary to achieve your personal goal. Fill in your personal nutrition diary. Even if you use a nutrition app we can give you specialized advice to optimize and improve your results. Look on our menu to get an overview of all our products and services.

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Britt van Gellekom, sportsdiëtist, fitnesstrainer 06-42084728
Jan Volmer, orthomolecular nutrition coach, sportvasting specialist, personal trainer 06-83599882
Mark van der Vecht, orthomolecular nutrition coach, sportvasting specialist,
personal trainer 06-13169030


“Over gezonde voeding wordt heel veel gezegd en geschreven. Het is soms verwarrend of zelfs tegenstrijdig.
Ons doel is de bewustwording over het effect van voeding op de gezondheid te vergroten.
Onze intentie is kennis te delen over voeding en begeleiding te bieden bij het veranderen van eetgewoontes. Iedereen kan dan zelf bewust zijn of haar eigen keuzes maken.”

Optimaal resultaat

Wil jij optimaal resultaat? Wil je meer weten over gezonde voeding en effectief trainen? Wij helpen je graag. Lees meer


De menukaart met een compleet overzicht van alle producten in ons voedingsprogramma “Gezonde voeding in de praktijk”. Lees meer 


Bij Medico Vision wordt de voedingscoaching verzorgd door Britt van Gellkom, en Mark van der Vecht. Door het bundelen van onze krachten is een breed spectrum van producten en programma’s beschikbaar. Lees meer

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