The fastest way to get stronger; Power training

Train, shape and strengthen your body with our effective power training lessons. Starting-point is that everybody learns there limitations and start to learn and go past that level to improve your strength. Medico Vision offers the following lessons in that regard.


“The Fastest Way to Get in Shape” is what they’ve been calling BodyPump for years now. Meet the original Barbell class and discover immediately why BodyPump is an extremely popular class in over 50 countries. This is the ideal workout for strengthening your muscles, losing weight and staying in shape. Simple, safe, effective and superfun!


At this class resistance exercises make sure muscle tissue improves, and your strength and condition and body posture as well. This class is suitable for all levels.

Core training

In 25 minutes you strengthen your “Core” (lower abdomen, back, and hip muscles). These muscles form the base of your strength. Specific training of these muscles must be central in every successful training programme. Join us and “work that core!”

Grit Strength

GRIT STRENGTH is an intensive 30-minute workout. In this intense workout you train your big muscle groups by using weights and a step. Get fit superfast, improve your metabolism and stimulate your body to burn more fat.

Click here for an impression of Grit Strength from Les Mills! 

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