Spinning Amsterdam Zuid-Oost


Spinning® is a bicycle workout on stationary SPINNING-bicycles. Inspiring music guides you over a challenging track. This class especially trains the heart and the lungs. Medico Vision advises you to use a heart rate monitor during this workout.

Spinning® is one of the most popular indoor-cycling workouts all over the world. Jump on your bicycle and join us on this challenging workout. At Medico Vision it is possible to start with half a lesson to get you started. As soon as your condition and strength are on the right level you’ll never want anything else again. Our teachers would like to take you on a sportive journey past flat roads through the country, hills varied with a true climb every now and again. You’ll get to experience all of this just within 55 minutes!

Spinning Classic

Spinning® Classic is a unique cycling workout every first Sunday of the month on classical music by Pierre Grotens!

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