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Attention as added value

Training is giving an impuls to the body by which your strength, endurance, stability, coordination, flexibility and/ or speed increases. Having fun while training is important for your motivation. If you train, you want to have results and that doesn’t happen by itself.

Training isn’t simply moving but specifically, planned and specific working on a goal. This is where our trainers come in. At Medico Vision there is always a trainer available in the fitness hall to correct, inform, motivate and stimulate our members to train the best way towards their goals.

You can also choose to work with a periodic supervision. You’ll train on your own but your trainer does an intake, evaluates your progress and motivates you when you haven’t been here awhile. You’ll agree on what your goal is and on which days you’ll be at Medico Vision to train. This way working on your health will be a routine on set dates in your agenda.

Periodic supervision
Your Result Coach knows how to set certain goals and achieve them and is there just for you! To make sure you’re motivated and you stay motivated, even when you’ve lost track of your goals, when you’re busy with work or just back from your vacation. He’s there to keep you alert and your steady contact point at Medico Vision. Read more

Personal Training
You want to take that extra step? Then you can really get serious with a Personal Trainer. He will train you on a regular basis and will have his full attention on you for an hour at a time to help you to your goal. You will make individual appointments weekly to achieve your goals as efficiently as possible. Read more

You don’t really feel fit or just feel like you don’t have any energy? Are you overweight, and tired of diets? You want to perform better and have all the energy in the world? You want to build up more muscle tissue?
Medico Vision has the solution for you!  Read more

Crossrunning Nederland offers challenging intensive outdoor workouts where running and moving over all sorts of (un)natural obstacles are to be conquered by climbing, crawling or jumping! 
Read more

Senior fitness
W We can’t escape it. When we get older we all have some issues to deal with.
But if you train a couple of hours each week you can greatly decrease the speed of these unwanted changes. Read more

I AM FIT Bootcamp
Training and going outside to sport, there’s nothing healthier than that! That’s why three of the best Gyms in Amsterdam joint together to make the I AM FIT outdoor trainingsprogram. I AM FIT Amsterdam is an initiative from Shape All in, Fresh Fitness and Medico Vision. Read more

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