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Yoga at Medico Vision ; Balance, harmony and a quiet mind; these are the ingredients of our BodyMind program. Improve your flexibility and muscle tension, improve your mental resilience, learn what it is to truly be calm, reduce stress and work on your bodily awareness. At Medico Vision we embrace thousands of year of knowledge and experience that Yoga offers and implement this in a 21st-century lifestyle. Beginner or advanced? Medico Vision will definitely have a class that suits you! Take a look and join Yoga at Medico Vision!


This revolutionary workout for body and mind has holistic influences and mingles dynamic new techniques with old eastern discipline. BodyBalance reduces pain, reduces stress, and takes care of a better body position and increases your endurance. Try it now and you’ll soon discover new energy within yourself.
Click here for an impression of BodyBalance at Medico Vision on YouTube.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga uses the combination of deep breathing (pranayama) and body positions (asanas) to bring body and mind in balance. Develop strength and flexibility whilst learning how to release both physical and mental tension.
Are you interested in Hatha Yoga then Click here for an impression of Hatha Yoga at Medico Vision on YouTube.

Vinyasa Yoga

A series of body positions that has been constructed in such a way that one positions flows to the next one and so on. A moving meditation-experience.

Yoga Flow

A Yoga class of 60 minutes that consists of flowing positions from one to the next.

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