Vloer wordt vervangen

Floor is being renewed; 2 t/m 6 juli the group lessons in hall 2 will be canceled

Dear members, As you have probably noticed, we’ve been very busy with renewing the floor in Hall 2. The new floor we had has been renewed after negative reviews from ourselves and our members that use hall 2. We’ve now chosen for a more durable alternative to make everybody happy. Unfortunately, this new solution will take more time to be installed correctly. This is why from 2 to 6 July there will not be any group lessons in hall 2. We have now chosen for a durable alternative that will hopefully be to everyone’s liking. The downside is that this solution will take alot more time to install properly, we are hoping on all of your patience. The hall will also not be available for personal training. Offcourse we understand that for many of you this is really inconvenient, but we’re are trying to come up with a solution that is better for everyone, so in the long run we’ll all be better off! If you have any questions after reading this message, you can send a message to miron@www.medicovision.nl Thanks a lot for your understanding. Best regards, Team Medico Vision  

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